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These common questions will help you understand our services to make sure the quality of custom vinyl record

  • How much musics fit on my record ?
    longer times will result in a drop in EQ level and sound quality
  • What is your minimum order size ?
    Our minimum order is 100 copies. With setup costs, plating, and print price breaks the way they are, it’s a better deal. Plus you’ll have more records to sell to your friends and fans!
  • Can you do a 1 piece vinyl record ?
    Yes we can. However the technique is Lathe-cut insteading of pressing. If you want 1 to send your friend as a gift, it is an option. However, the lathe-cut technique might not have good sound quality.
  • What are test pressings and why do I need to listen and approve them before Vinyl Studio will press my finished records ?
    What you hear when playing your test pressings is what you’ll hear on the final pressed copies, so listen to them carefully upon arrival. All 12” test pressings are pressed on black vinyl with an average weight of 160 grams. Your final order will be pressed on the color and weight requested on your purchase order.
  • What is the turnaround time for a test pressing?
    It depends on production capacity, usually it takes around 2-3 weeks.
  • Does pressing on color vinyl affect the sound quality ?
    Yes, a bit. Black vinyl will always sound the best. When you add additives to the small batches that make up color vinyl, it can have a higher noise floor.
  • What kind of audio masters do you accept ?
    We prefer high-resolution WAV files - 48kHz/24 bit files. It’s best to send two files, one for side A and the other for side B. The files should have all spacing already built in the way you’d like the record to play. The best file formats are .aiff or .wave.
  • What is Vinyl Studio lead time from the time I start my order?
    This depends on the time of year, size, and complexity of your order. Right now, lead times take 6 - 8 weeks since we have your payment in our account and in case that provides data are OK. We will confirm you about the final lead time as soon as your payment and your master and artwork data.
  • What are there different weight vinyl records and what are Vinyl Studio standards ?
    7″ vinyl is pressed at 40 grams, 12″ vinyl we offer 140 gram standard and 180 gram heavyweight records.
  • Do you include an audio mastering service in standard price quotes ?
    We don’t carry out any “audio mastering”. We don’t try to improve the sound, create the best sounding or loudest record ever.
  • Do you ship internationally ?
    Yes, we do ship any address you need. If you have your own logistic partner, we can ship the vinyls to their warehouse.
  • Do you include shipping services in standard price quotes ?
    Yes, we will add shipping fee in your quick price quotes. We will estimate the shipping fee according to the “Country” you from. If you want to ship to a different country, please tell the destiny you want to ship in price quotes.However, we will list the shipping fee in the official contract, since the fluctuation of shipping fee.
  • What about VAT ?
    All prices stated in our price lists and on invoice do not include VAT.
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