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Vinyl Records


The 10-inch vinyl record is the rarest of the vinyl formats.If you want something that can turn into a novelty item, you can try a few pieces with our short run 10-inch vinyl record pressing!

custom vinyl record pressing

What’s included in your order  

Our 10" vinyl pressing includes the following specification and options for customization:

  • Superior quality 110g 10" vinyl records

  • Center Hole: 1/4 inch

  • Can be cut at 45 RPM (9 minutes per side), 33 ⅓ (12 minutes per side), or 78 RPM (4 minutes per side)

  • Custom vinyl color options: standard black, mixed, or colored

  • Customization options: picture discs, splatter, shaped records, etc

  • Inner Sleeves: Plain inner sleeve, black inner sleeve, printed inner sleeve

  • Jacket: Vinyl jacket, vinyl gatefold, custom jacket

  • Add-ons: Color LP Labels, Pre-press review, UPC barcode, Polywrap, Inserts

  • Turnaround time: 18-19 weeks

  • Free test printing of album cover

custom vinyl record

Why you’ll love the 10” vinyl record  

It’s not as popular as the 7 inch and 12-inch records, but here are some reasons why the 10-inch vinyl record is awesome:


  • Great for singles and EPs. This record size has two rpms available, 33 and 45 rpm, giving us 24-30 minutes and 18-24 minutes respectively. So this is perfect for singles and EPs.

  • Sounds great. Since it’s bigger than 7 inch, it has more space for the grooves. This means that if you have one or two tracks pressed for each side, it will sound better.

  • Cheap. It’s smaller in size than 12 inch vinyl records so it automatically is cheaper. If your tracks can’t fit on the 7” record, then choose this.

  • For limited editions. Limited editions of singles, EPs, or full albums is possible for this vinyl size. You can release one with a different design or artwork. What makes it different from the 7” is that you can add a bonus track.

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