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vinyl pressing

Step One
How would you like your vinyl record to be made? 

Lathe-Cut or Pressed Vinyl

Conventional vinyl records are mass-produced by pressing a metal master disc (or stamper) into heated vinyl. Using a record lathe, laser-cut records are made by cutting micro-grooves into a polycarbonate disc.


Lathe-cutting is ideal for short-run, one-off records because each piece is individually hand-cut & tested. On the other hand, Pressed vinyl is aimed at bulk orders – say, for example, 150 copies of one album. Choosing our vinyl-pressing service is a better choice if you are looking for a big run like this. The individual nature of our lathe-cut vinyl makes them an ideal choice for small quantity, limited releases for artists, bands, and even music labels.

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custom vinyl pressing

Step Two
Choose Size

The size and speed of your vinyl determine the amount of possible playtime that can be cut into each vinyl side.


12" vinyl

15-20 minutes audio per side

The largest vinyl size. 12" is ideal for LPs as you can fit around 40 minutes of audio across both sides of the vinyl. If you're looking to release a full album, this is the size to choose.


10" vinyl

10-14 minutes audio per side

10" vinyl is less popular than 12" and 7", but it can comfortably fit up to 14 minutes of audio per side at a slower playback speed.


7" vinyl

5-7 minutes audio per side

7" is ideal for EPs, singles, and other shorter releases. When you choose a 7" vinyl, you'll also be able to select the size of the hole. We recommend a small hole as it's the most common.

Step 3.

Choose Quantity

Pressed Vinyl~MOQ is 100 pcs

Lathe-Cut~No MOQ

Step 5.

Single or Double

Single vinyl-40 mins total (20/side)

Double vinyl-80 mins total (40/side/vinyl)

Step 7.

Vinyl Weight

Standard weight

Heavy weight

Step 9.


Step 4.

Choose Vinyl RPM

45RPM-15 mins/side max.

33RPM-20 mins/side max.

Step 6.

Vinyl Material





Step 8.


Black-No label

B&W label-Greyscale

Color label-Full color CMYK

Color sleeve

Gatefold sleeve-Gatefold

Discobag-Black or white

PVC sleeve-Clear sleeve

Start Making Your Record! 

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