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The 12-inch vinyl is the standard vinyl record size in the music industry. With 12-18 minutes capacity per side, it’s the right size for an album.


If it’s your first time to have records pressed, you can give it a try by getting our short-run 12-inch vinyl record pressing.

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What’s included in your order  

Our 12" vinyl pressing includes the following specification and options for customization:

  • Superior quality 12" vinyl records

  • Weight: 140g or 180g

  • Can be cut at 45 RPM (12 minutes per side) or 33 ⅓ (18 minutes per side)

  • Vinyl color options: standard black, mixed, or colored

  • Customization options (picture discs, splatter, shaped records, etc)

  • Packaging: Vinyl jacket, vinyl gatefold, custom packaging

  • Add-ons: Color LP Labels, Pre-press review, UPC barcode

  • Turnaround time: 8-12 weeks

  • Free test printing of album cover


Why you’ll love the 12” vinyl record  

When people say vinyl, they often refer to the 12-inch vinyl record because it’s the most popular among the three. Here are some reasons why musicians choose the 12-inch vinyl record:


  • Made for full albums. These were originally made for full albums so they have around 30-44 minutes for 33 rpm and 24-30 45 rpm. It’s just right for a full album.

  • Great sound quality. It has more space between grooves resulting in greater dynamic range if around two or three tracks are pressed per side.

  • For limited editions. Most full albums at least require two 12-inch vinyl records. You can try releasing a limited edition with chosen tracks, and bonus tracks perhaps pressed on one 12-inch record for your limited vinyl edition.

  • Etchings. If you have an album that can only occupy half of Side D, then you can try having an etching on that side instead. This way you can add artistic value to it and you won’t feel like you’re wasting space. Etchings can also be done in smaller sizes.

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