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Brian Eno launches limited edition colour changing LED turntable

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Many old things that seem to have disappeared may be rediscovered and redefined every now and then when a new opportunity arises, and one example is the return of vinyl fever. Although it is the age of streaming music, some fans are fascinated by the original sound and usage of vinyl records, which they believe adds a sense of fun and style to the music appreciation process.

To enhance the enjoyment, a quality turntable is essential, and the recent release of the 'Father of Ambient Music', British musician Brian Eno and local Paul Stolper Gallery, the 'TURNTABLE Vinyl Turntable', a limited edition of 50 units worldwide, is the talk of the vinyl world. His epic album Ambient 1 : Music guides listeners to re-examine the relationship between 'music', 'sound' and 'environment', even suggesting the connection between sound and 'colour' and 'light', rewriting existing audiovisual concepts with a magnificent imagination.

With the TURNTABLE, Eno wants to inspire the five senses with a simple design, sleek lines and lightweight materials, as well as a stunning sound that ebbs and flows with the music. When the TURNTABLE was announced on the Paul Stolper Gallery website, it immediately caught the attention of vinyl fans in Europe and the US, who were eager to add it to their "wish list".

However, from pricing to shipping details, TURNTABLE remains a mystery to the public, who can only look it up on the website and are not sure of the details. It seems to suggest that the price of this vinyl disc, which is a combination of "music masters + international galleries + a limited edition of 50 copies worldwide", will be very high and the purchase process very competitive, so maybe it's not just a matter of money and playing.

But after all, what really matters is the music itself. What's the point to have a fancy turntable without vinyl records of your own?

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