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We take pride in the extensive
array of packaging options and vinyl records variations.

Standard Black Vinyl

Standard Black Vinyl Records

Black Vinyl is the classic vinyl. We offer 7-inch vinyl records, 10-inch vinyl records, and 12-inch vinyl records. 


  • The 7-inch vinyl has been a crowd favorite since the 50s coz' not only is it cute, it's affordable and handy to boot!

  • The 10-inch vinyl record is the rarest of the vinyl formats.

  • The 12-inch vinyl is the standard vinyl record size in the music industry. It's the right size for an album with 12-18 minutes capacity per side.

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Colorful Records

Colored Vinyl Records

We offer 20 standard colors for Colored vinyl records – 6 transparent colors and 14 solid colors. The color of the records is based on the manufacturer’s samples

Picture disc & Shaped record

Picture discs are vinyl records that have printed labels on both sides with a plastic foil covering the entire surface area and grooves pressed into the plastic foil. We offer 12”, 10”, and 7” Picture Discs each in one weight category.

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +86 156 1891 9376

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